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The Bunny Barn

  Welcome to The Bunny Barn I am Bunnidude.  I am 36 years old from La Crosse, Wisconsin.  I work at the Radisson Hotel as a Laundry Attendant.  When I am not at the hotel I am spending time with my wife and animals.  Also enjoying my hobbies of; computers, listening to and collecting Old-Time Radio Shows, photography and magic.  Feel free to stop by the blog often and leave comments.  I will be adding many new things soon.  See ya on the net............Bunnidude   

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01 Apr 2005

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Sat, Apr 09 2005
A Warm Saturday

Afternoon All~

A interesting day at work today. Was kind of slow but we kept busy in laundry. It is amazingly warm at 74 degrees, almost to warm. I am hoping Bunnigirl is having a good day today. I am really in the mood to go to Menards and get some stuff to do yard work with. Need to get a thatch rake and also some of that lawn in a roll and the flower beds too. I want to get stuff planted before it gets to late in the season. Also need to clean out the gutters too.

I will either do it today if I get my second wind or wait until next weekend when I am off.

That is it from here at the Bunny Barn.

See ya all on the net.................


by Bunnidude  |

Thu, Apr 07 2005
Selling Books Now!

Ok, so I just set up an Amazon associate account. I just put on the side two books I am listening to. If you are interested please purchase from me.

Chat again~


by Bunnidude  |

Heating, Plumbing and Bunnies Oh My!

Good Morning all~

Well, yesterday was an interesting day at work. We got some stuff done, but not enough that 3 people could normally get done.

When I got home I called a couple of heating companies and plumbing places to come and take care of a few things here at the house. Also with the heating places I want an estimate on what putting central air in would cost.

Bunnigirl came home with good news on the Rhapsody story, when we are ready all we will have to pay is $ 68.00 for June to be spay.

We had Culvers for dinner and it was yummy.

Well, that is it from the Bunny Barn.

See ya all on the net......


by Bunnidude  |

Wed, Apr 06 2005
Hump Day! aka: My Friday

Morning all~

It is hump day! Which means it is truly my Friday. I am off the next two days. I am so looking forward to 2 this afternoon. For some reason I did not want to get up this morning.

We are suppose to get some rain and thunder and stuff today. I am hoping that it is after 2 so I can enjoy it.

Well, you all have a great hump day.

See ya on the net........


by Bunnidude  |

Tue, Apr 05 2005
A Day of Review

Hi gang ~

Well, got my review today at work and I maxed out. I got a $.27 raise. I am so excited about that. Also I finally got the guts up to talk to my boss about making me an assistant supervisor in laundry. After all I normally do lot of the supervisor stuff any how when the supervisor is not there, or even when he is there sometimes I take control. Not that I mean to but sometimes it happens.

This morning was a little rough, when we came in there where still 3 loads of towels still to dry and process but we did manage to get about 7 loads of banquet pumped out.

Bunnigirl found out that the car had an air intake problem and it will only be like $ 129.00 which is less then what we expected.

Oh, how do you like the background for the blog? If it is to much please let me know. If you like it also let me know. Leave a comment. Need to take out garbage and maybe clean the fish tank.

See ya all on the net........



by Bunnidude  |

Mon, Apr 04 2005
Monday from Hell

Afternoon all~

Was a real busy day today. Just in the morning we did over 15 loads of rooms linen. We barely touched banquet stuff. Tomorrow hopefully we will be able to do lots of banquet linen.

Bunnigirl just left a message on the machine saying that she took Scooby in to keep an eye on him. He had a fur ball over the weekend. Not sure if you know this but a bunny can not vomit up a fur ball like a cat can. So we have to give lots of liquids and hay and also laxitone. This is the same stuff you give to cats with fur balls to make it come up easier.

I see that Hershey and Chloe went with Jasper over to Grandma's today.

Our handy man called today and said about $ 380.00 for the door install and everything. Now I am not sure if that includes the securing of the basement door or not. I will have to ask him when I call tonight after 7 pm. If that is what it means I am definitely having him install it. He said he has to wait to get a price on the trap door for the attic before he can give us a full price on that project. Which is fine. We can wait a little longer on that project.

I am so glad to be home today. I sure hope tomorrow isn't like today was at work or I will just drop. The good thing though is that I am on my short work week. I am off on Thursday and Friday.

Well that is it from the Bunny Barn which it is a comfortable 75 degrees.

See ya all later........................

Bunnidude =)

by Bunnidude  |

A Weekend Tie Up

Good Morning all~

It is 3:30 am Monday morning as I write this. Sitting here in the warm glow of my monitor with a mug of cappacino. It is a warm 44 degrees here at the bunny barn. We had a pleasant Sunday, didn't do much at all but watch TV and relax. We ordered a Taco Pizza from Toppers and it was yummy. I ordered a large so that we have leftovers.

Back to the real world today. This is my three day week however. On Friday though we have to take Jasper into the vet for Heart worm test and June(biggest bunny) in for check up and nail trim. Should be a challenge to take them both in. The big thing I know I have to do is clean the fish tank.

Bunnigirl after coming back from her moms yesterday wasn't feeling well. She had a migraine and then her tummy wasn't feeling well. So she just laid in bed snuggling with the bunnies.

Well, that is it from the bunny barn. Have a good Monday.

See ya all.................

Bunnidude =)

by Bunnidude  |

Sun, Apr 03 2005
Bored As Hell

I am bored as hell, bunnigirl is at her moms helping with stuff and I am alone with the animals. All I really feel like doing it taking a nap and feeling sorry for myself. I know I shouldn't do that though. Taco Pizza sounds real good for lunch today. Come on someone please leave comments.

Later all~

Bunnidude =)

by Bunnidude  |

Contact Me

Hi all~

Just wanted to let you know that I have a new Skype and AIM screen names. So here they are:

Skype: bunnidude

AIM: bunnidude

If I am online feel free to contact me on either of those two messengers.

See ya on the net............

Bunnidude =)


by Bunnidude  |

Using Computer

Morning all~

You know, I really wish that someone would show me how to take full advantage of this computer. I use it but not to it's full potential. Someone please help me.

See ya on the net.........

Bunnidude =)


by Bunnidude  |


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